RiCON PP Fibers For Concrete

PP Fibers on the Strength of Concrete Enhancement


Concrete, construction of pressure resistant, withdrawal is a material force against the weak. In addition to the fragile material, plastic and outlet of receiving long-term period, there is a tendency to crack.

First 24 hours after the early period of the crack when the concrete plugs are microscopic capillary cracks. Cracks in the long term, concrete has been poured for months, maybe years later emerged, in which water vapor due to the shrinking of the concrete cracks are. In either case, cracks in the concrete to reduce the overall performance, should provide for technical reasons to get.

In order to prevent all this concrete, polypropylene fibers are used. Polypropylene fibers during the early period of the concrete into the plastic, three-way by establishing a network of concrete in agregraların, keeps hanging for shooting locations. Plastic shrinkage of concrete, this network will increase the resistance during the withdrawal. Moreover, any fire during the melting of the concrete, creating volatile steam pressure, and thus tend to explode the concrete blocks.

Product Description

RiCON, a high-quality micro Monofilament is made up of polypropylene fibers. Fresh concrete by increasing the capacity to change the way in concrete to control plastic shrinkage çatlakarını and manufactured to reduce. Can be solved in water for 1 m3 of concrete were prepared in small packages.

Packaging : 600 grams of water that can be solved in special packaging.

Storage Conditions / Validity Period : In the original unopened and undamaged packaging dry, cool and clean environment is stored in the case is suitable for use 36 months from the date of production.